Anti Vibration Mount modifided by KGSD

Anti Vibration Mount modifie by KGSD

Flowcine Black Arm anti vibration mount erase low frequencies on gimbal used in hardmount.

  • can be used in underslung & overslung mode
  • Available weight range: 7-10kg / 10-14kg / 14-19kg / 19-26kg / 26-34kg

Modifided by KGSD to fit on:

  • FlowCine Black Arm
  • Mitchell / Moy mount (Underslung & Overslung)
  • Chapman dolly mount (Underslung & Overslung)
  • “Quick Release” camera plate mount (Underslung & Overslung)
  • M12 mechanical thread bolt (fit on any KGS 50 mm diam. rigging pipes clamps)