OctoJib by KGSD

The Octojib will be exposed at the Stabilizer Event in Paris (Saturday 13 October) in colaboration with Access Motion

OctoJib By KGSD

OctoJib is a basic, lightweight & modular jib, able to support light camera or Gimbal packages. The main parts are composed with octogrip Bilites, Pipes and Coupler, already used by grip crew for several years as tracks beams, wall-spreader, rigging tools, sliders.

  • Basic: OctoJib front & back parts are assembled to the OctoGrip Bilite & pipe using Octogrip 90° Couplers.
  • Modular: The Length of the Octojib depend on the Bilite lenght used for the assembling. (1 m / 1,2 m / 1,5 m / 2 m / 3 m / 4 m (max))
  • Lightweight: The Octojib can be rigged on heavy light stands or common dollies.

Tech Specs :

  • Max. lift capacity (head and camera ): 25 kg
  • Max. counterweight capacity: 42 kg
  • Max. total length: 4 m

KGSD OctoJib Presentation Folder

Octojib – Specifications & Restrictions