Steadicam Rental Package include:

RIG by Betz-Tool

Betz Tool’s RIG is a highly reliable Steadicam.

  • Extensible post (4 parts)
  • No tools
  • Full HD
  • 12 & 24V


  • 8 IDX Batteries & 2 chargers
  •  Arri / Red / Sony camera cables
  • 1 Low mode bracket
  • 1 Stand & Jerry Hill Docking

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Titan Pro Arm

Paddock’s Pro Arm is a modular & reliable Steadicam arm.

Titan Pro Arm’s canisters were configured to function with a wide variety of loads – Titan Pro Arm’s lifting range goes from 13 to 72 pounds.


  • 2 blue spring canisters
  • 2 black spring canisters

Weight Range Graph

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Walter Klassen Vest

The Walter Klassen vest provides the comfort and all the benefits of a back mounted harness.

Mostly used for steadicam shots, the Walter Klassen vest is perfect for Easyrig as well.

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HD Monitor 6″ Transvideo

Super Bright HD Monitor 6¨ including frame line, virtual horizon and more…

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