Ronin II

The last model from DJI Gimbal.

  • Payload : 12 kgs
  • Comes with a full set of accessories
  • Easy Balancing
  • Easy Handling thank to mechanical PAN, ROLL & TILT lock
  • Improved stabilisation precision
  • Pan Bar control via the Force Pro (optional)
  • Hand wheels control via PLC wheels (optional)


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Rental Advice:  In order to ensure optimal operation of the Ronin II, we strongly recommend the presence on the set of one of our specialized technicians. If you prefer to work with your own technician, we propose to tune the Ronin II according with your technician. Regarding this service, a fee of 50€ will be charged. Without this pre-tuning job, and without the presence of our technician on the set, we decline any responsibility in case of problems due to bad uses.