“Upgraded” Stabe One from Access Motion

3-axis electronically stabilized light gimbal recently Upgraded to add stabilisation’s performances.

Max Camera Payload: 7Kg.


The Stabe One can be controled through the Gimbal Remote Controler by KGSD  or through the PLC wireless hand wheels


State One package include:


  • PLC Wireless Hand Wheels Control

Link to the manufacturer

Rental Advice:  In order to ensure optimal operation of the State-One  we strongly recommend the presence on the set of one of our specialized technicians. If you prefer to work with your own technician, we propose to tune the Stab-One according with your technician. Regarding this service, a fee of 50€ will be charged. Without this pre-tuning job, and without the presence of our technician on the set, we decline any responsibility in case of problems due to bad uses.