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Mo-Sys B20  (Panbar & Handwheels control)

  • Head weight: 10kg
  • Max. Camera Payload: 25kg
  • Pan/Tilt speed :180°/sec

Convenient combination with our new Octojib.




 coming soon

Mo-Sys L-40 (panbar & handwheels control)

  • Head weight: 18kg
  • Max. Camera Payload: 40kg
  • Pan&Tilt speed: 180°/sec
  • Back-pan assistance





Wave from Betz-Tools

Preserve the horizon electronically. Can be mounted on remote head, fluid head, steadicam, Easyrig, shoulder mount, Twister, bungee, etc… Work perfectly on boat.

  • Plug & play
  • Underslung or overslung mode
  • 25° stabilising range






Twister from Betz-Tools

High precision bungee offering a perfect camera weight balance in height and side by side.

  • Compatible with all kind off camera (Arri, Red, Sony…)
  • Pivot mount for steadicam armpost & tripod docking
  • Mounting ring for hanging on Easyrig with Sereen
  • Perfect horizon guaranteed if combined with the Wave







OctoJib is a basic lightweight & modular jib, running light camera package or gimbal.

As main parts, the OctoJib re-use OctoGrip rigging elements allready packed in the KGS equipped grip trucks & vans

Link to our Octojib page







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