Lengths 25″ (63.5cm) 35″ (89cm) 42″ (107cm) 48″ (122cm) 72″ (183cm)
Camera Travel 15” (38cm) 26” (66cm) 33” (84cm) 39” (99cm) 63” (160cm)
Lengths 25″ (63.5cm) 35″ (89cm) 76″ (192cm)
Camera Travel 15″ (39,5cm) 28″ (72cm) 66″ (168cm)
Option Trolley choices: 4 way Mitchell / Flat Mitchell / Arri Bowl

Mount choices: Flat / Mitchell / European coupling / Rotative Mitchell

Lengths No limit
Camera Travel No limit
Option Compatible with Octogrip System, KGS MonoTracks’s range, KGS Hi Hat’s range
Note The Octogrip Bilite allows you to wedge long tracking shot.
The KGS Track foootprint fit perfectly with the Octogrip Bilite profile avoinding lateral sliding problems.
Link to manufacturer http://kgsd.be/project/hi-hats-sliders/
More info on Hi-Hats Sliders http://kgsd.be/project/hi-hats-sliders-infos/
See video hihat-slider.mp4
Lengths 54″ (136cm)
Camera Travel 45″ (115cm)
Option Motorisation with Remote control Panther
Lengths 120cm + 100cm
Camera Travel
Option Tango Roller Kit 100mm
Lengths No limit
Camera Travel No limit
Option KGS MonoTrack compatibility