• Payload : 12 kgs
  • Comes with a full set of accessories
  • Easy Balancing
  • Easy Handling thank to mechanical PAN, ROLL & TILT lock
  • Improved stabilisation precision
  • Pan Bar control via the Force Pro (optional)
  • Hand wheels control via PLC wheels (optional)
3-axis gimbal with the high camera payload (Up to 30kg)

The Arri Maxima can be controled hand held, with the Gimbal Remote Controler by KGSD  or with the PLC wireless hand wheels

The Arri Maxima MX30 can be mounted on Easyrig, Steadicam arm or Hard Mount


  • 2 IDX batteries / 1 chargeur
  • 2 Small magic arm
  • Maxima  MX remote (Joy stick)
  • Computer
3-axis electronically stabilized light gimbal recently Upgraded to add stabilisation’s performances.

Max Camera Payload: 7Kg.

The Stabe One can be controled through the Gimbal Remote Controler by KGSD  or through the PLC wireless hand wheels

State One package include:

  • Stabe One Gimbal
  • KGSD Power & Connection Box
  • Gimbal Remote Controler by KGSD
  • 2 IDX battery / 1 charger


  • PLC Wireless Hand Wheels Control
KGSD Anti Vibration Mount modifided by KGSD (payload:  7-10kg / 10-14kg / 14-19kg / 19-26kg / 26-34kg)
EASYRIG Cinema 3