Jib Weight 17kg
Payload 30kg
Arm length (Offset) 82cm
Jib Weight 40kg
Payload 30kg
Arm length (Offset) Extended: 260cm
Jib Weight 70kg
Payload 50kg
Arm length (Offset) 320cm
Jib Weight 2m version: 26kg
3m version: 28,5kg
4m version: 31kg
Payload 25kg
Arm length (Offset) 2m version: 170cm

3m version: 234cm

4m version: 291cm

Camera Lift Range 2m version: 180cm

3m version: 260cm

4m version: 340cm

KGS Presentation OctoJib-presentation-UK.pdf
KGS Specifications Octojib-Specifications-Restrictions.pdf
Link to the manufacturer http://kgsd.be/project/octojib/
Jib Weight 42kg
Payload Retracted: 60kg
Extended: 40kg
Arm length (Offset) Retracted: 139cm
Extended: 188cm
Carrying weight
Arm length (Offset)
Manufacturer link website Jix specifications
Jib Weight 75 kg
Payload Retracted: 60 kg
Extended: 35 kg
Arm length (Offset) Retracted: 80 cm
Extended: 480 cm