Payload Capacity 25 kg
Weight 14.7 kg


The Gimbalrig vest provides extra support around the waist.

Available in Small and Standard size.

Payload Capacity 2 – 7 kg
Extra Support N/a
Weight 2 kg
Gas Shock Absorbers
  • 500N (11 – 13 kg)
  • 700N (15 – 20 kg)
  • 850N (19 – 24.9 kg)
Extra Support Flowcine Serene Arm
Vest Size Small, Large
Weight 3.5 kg
Payload Capacity
  • Standard (5 – 17 kg)
  • Strong (14 – 25 kg)
Extra Support Flowcine Serene Arm
Weight 5.5 kg
Payload Capacity 13.6 kg
Weight 5.4 kg
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The Orca OR-2020 Rigalto Backpack System was designed as the ideal solution for operating the Sony VENICE combined with the Sony VENICE “Rialto” tethered extension system. The Rigalto Backpack System is a self-contained rig that utilizes a spacious, lightweight plate system that mounts to all standard industry camera plates, including ARRI Dovetail, Sony VCT-14 and others. The backpack system also incorporates mounting for the Easyrig MiniMax camera support system, Noga arms and more.

Weight 2.9 kg

The Sony Venice Rialto Backpack incorporates a dovetail and small baseplate to mount the Rialto camera body onto. When coupled with the sensor block’s cage, it provides you with a comfortable, ergonomic way to operate and transport your whole Rialto camera setup. The backpack also has a battery plate attached for if you need extra power on your setup.

Weight 4.5 kg